Today we’re joined by the very talented Laura Hurrell who is currently choreographing Spring Awakening!

I’ve been with LODS for a few years now, starting with FOOTLOOSE (2014) as my first show with them. Its a very passionate hobby of mine and I have been performing from a very young age. I didn’t think I would ever venture to the other side of being part of the creative team, but after much persuasion I decided to go for it and became the choreographer for WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND (2017). Being asked to choreograph again for SPRING AWAKENING (2018) was very flattering and I am learning so much on the other side!

With Spring awakening the entire cast are on stage throughout the whole show, it’s so different and offers its challenges for the cast, they really have to be so focussed. It’s been very fun and interesting making the scenes transition smoothly as where they end up at the end of one number is where they will start the next so a lot of planning had to go into the characters positioning.

After listening to the music and reading the script I knew straight away how special the show was and what an meaningful message it would convey – I love shows that tell a true story of real life situations, I feel it allows the audience to be drawn in emotionally as they can relate. I wanted my subtle movements to reflect the emotion of the show which I found difficult at times as I am so used to ‘dancing steps and full on routines’. Working closely with Director, Andrew Seal, was crucial for Spring Awakening, especially in terms of positioning, emotions and ensuring I am helping to create his vision.

I have to say that my favourite number is ‘Word Of Your Body. I love lyrical movement and feels so powerful when the cast add the emotion into each movement, it really has to come from within with this show. It’s such a powerful and important show and hopefully leave you with such a strong heartfelt message!

To see the finished product book your tickets below. We are at the Palace Theatre from 17th – 20th October 2018. Can’t wait to see you there!