The countdown has begun and we sat down with some of LODS finest who are working incredibly hard behind the scenes to make the show possible!  

We’re half way through rehearsals now and thought it was time to hear from the talented Director of All Shook Up, Sallie Warrington. 

Our amazing backstage crew spent 2 days assembling the set for SPRING AWAKENING, painting the back wall of the Palace Theatre and getting all the lighting ready to put on the most magnificent show possible! Here’s a time-lapse of the event to feast your eyes on…

We feel Spring Awakening wouldn’t be the fantastic show it is without LODS amazing backstage crew and creatives so we’d love to introduce to you our Deputy Stage Manager, Sophie Cable.  

With show week approaching fast we managed to find time to sit down with the talented Director of Spring Awakening, Andrew Seal. 

Today we’re joined by the very talented Laura Hurrell who is currently choreographing Spring Awakening!

We’re joined by the exceptionally talented Paul Ward and Sam Blyth who have designed and built the set for LODS’ next production, Spring Awakening. With the show only being a few weeks away now, we’re eager to have a sneak preview of what’s been going on behind the curtains!

Today we’re joined by the fabulous Chesca Smith who is going to give us an explicit incite into the costume design and the challenges she faces with LODS next production, Spring Awakening!